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GBIS offers free insulation to homeowners or people living with homeowners at the same address. Get this free home upgrade now and start saving a big amount every year!

Great British Insulation Scheme - A Brief Overview

The Great British Insulation Scheme (formerly ECO+) was launched at the end of March 2023, with over 3500 measures installed up to December 2023. GBIS is a new scheme that aims to improve the energy efficiency of homes that are unable to qualify for the ECO4 scheme. This £1 billion scheme is designed to help around 300,000 households nationwide tackle fuel poverty and minimise carbon emissions. It supplements the ECO4 but unlike the ‘whole-house approach’, GBIS usually delivers only a single insulation measure for every home. Mainly, the scheme covers loft insulation and cavity wall insulation that help save up to £400 a year.

Types of Insulation Covered by GBIS

GBIS can help with various insulation measures, including:

Loft Insulation

Adding or improving insulation in your loft space can be done under GBIS, keeping the following keynotes.

Consider Loft Insulation Under GBIS When:

Cavity Wall Insulation

Filling the cavity between your external walls with insulation material traps heat inside your home in winter, and prevents it from entering in summer

Consider Cavity Wall Insulation Under GBIS When:

How Does GBIS Work?

GBIS works on the retrofit assessment. It estimates cuts in heat loss and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere through cavity wall insulation and loft insulation measures. The scheme delivers only one insulation measure for each home

Covers 1 measure per home only

Loft & cavity wall insulation measures

Homes with low EPC (Usually below D)

Grant Application Process




Who is Eligible to Apply?

The GBIS scheme is designed to support low-income households (earning up to £31,000 per year) and those living in the least energy-efficient homes in England.

Note: If you are a homeowner and cannot provide a benefit letter, you can still be eligible if your Council Tax Band falls within A to D in England, and A to E in Scotland & Wales.

General Group

Low-income Group

How GBIS Makes a Difference

Better Insulation, Bigger Savings

GBIS helps with heat retention with state-of-the-art insulation measures. This translates into lower energy consumption, lower carbon emissions, and greenhouse gases production in our atmosphere.

Reduced Drafts

Eliminate those annoying cold spots and enjoy consistent warmth throughout your home.

Improved Air Quality

Reduce dust and allergens trapped in poorly insulated walls

Quieter Home

Insulation dampens outside noise, creating a more peaceful living space

Take Action Before You Lose the Opportunity!

Take control of your home’s comfort through GBIS. By applying in the scheme, you’ll enjoy a warmer home, improve your annual savings, and contribute to a greener environment. Check your eligibility for GBIS grants today!

Are you ready to get started?

You’ll also be asked to provide other details, such as:

ECO4 Grant Eligibility

Certain Eligible Government Benefits

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